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ESTD : 1996
ESTD : 1996
" We believe that the qualities of teachers have a direct bearing on the pupils as the value of a relaxed demeanour easily rubs off on the young one."
Founder's Message
Blessing from the Founder Chairman of DSSP Society.
                        The name “ Dev Sangha National School ”(DSNS) implies three ideas to me:- Dev Sangha (DS)
Dev Sangha (DS) is the mother-institution which believes in unfolding the divine potential lying dormant in every individual, irrespective of cast, creed, languages or religion.
It demands the building of a solid material base to carry on spiritual aspirations harmoniously within the time and space where the individual or the ‘Sangha' is placed. It is not a dogmatic cadre-based regimented institution, though I have taken time to realize that some amount of regimentation is necessary during the formative years of an individual's life.

National (N)
Nationalism needs at least four senses – senses of history, geography, language and dress. Please note food has not been included. Nationalism in the yester-years used to be viewed against separating non-national concepts. In the world of today and tomorrow, Nationalism is to be relevant within the International canvas. Therefore, each teacher and student needs to know the language of English and Computers in addition to his or her mother tongue. Familiarity with Sanskrit will be extremely desirable to maintain an all Indian cultural heritage.

School (S)
Each School should have an identity of its own. Identity is initially imposed, then assimilated and finally evolved from within by all concerned. I think the process still needs conscious and continuous attention. Any good schooling should help to develop (1) Discipline (2) Devotion and (3) Duty. I add a fourth ‘D' i.e. (4) Death, but not in a morbid or escapist sense.

“From Death to Immortality” is the third and final aspiration of the truth-realized ‘Rishis' of India . The journey to Immortality starts from the station of Death- death of falsehood and ignorance, death of old habits ideas and concepts and physical deaths of individuals. The thread of continuity is desirable but should not act as a pull-back drag.

  " I hope Dev Sangha National School (DSNS) will be able to enrich, contextualise and fulfil the vision and legacy of its Founders. "  
    Shrimat Saumyendra Nath Brahmachary ,
B.C.Roy Gold Medalist,                                    
as the Best All – Rounder Graduate
of IIT, Kharagpur (1968).
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