Bompas Town , Deoghar , Jharkhand-814114
ESTD : 1996
ESTD : 1996
" We believe that the qualities of teachers have a direct bearing on the pupils as the value of a relaxed demeanour easily rubs off on the young one."


School offers hostel facilities for girls of classes XI and XII. The School also offers hostel facilities for limited number of boys of 9 years and above upto class X. Generally prefrence is given to the students coming from outside Deoghar and especially from rural or remote areas.

In all the dormitories students are kept under the supervision of some residential teacher / warden under the overall control of a hostel superintendent.

Students are given accommodation in separate cubicles with maximum three students in each.

The food served in the hostel is strictly vegetarian. It is forbidden for students and parents to bring any non-vegetarian food within the hostel. The diet served is well balanced from the nutritional point of view as per requirement of the essential calories and vitamins as designed and directed by professional dieticians.

Boarders get ample opportunity to play different games. Sometimes they are encouraged to join training camps, conducted by eminent personalities.

The school draws inspiration from the ideals of Dev Sangha Ashram. Boarders have to participate in morning and evening prayers and yoga classes. The Parents / guardians of the boarders may visit their ward on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the Month. However, during such visit the students are not allowed to go out of the campus.(allowed only in emergency cases).

The practice of joining the school late after any vacation is strictly prohibited. Such latecomers are initially given warning and imposed a penalty of Rs. 50/- per day. The schools autority may ask a student to withdraw from the school. All boarders are expected to follow the rules of school and hostel. In case of violation of rules or misconduct, parents may be advised to withdraw their ward.



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